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Best Scrubs for Sweating

Posted by Shayla Pyszkas on

Healing Hands HH Works scrubs is our #1 choice for medical professionals who tend to overheat when providing the high level of patient care we know you provide to your patients everyday.  We know you are on your feet running all day caring for your patients and you deserve the latest in fabric technology in order to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your shift. Healing Hands HH Works line provides a lightweight fitting material providing you the comfort & freedom of movement necessary to get through your day!

The HH Works fabric provides 4 way stretch & moisture-wicking.  If you tend to sweat your body is telling you I need air flow to keep your body at a temperature that is right for you.  Moisture-wicking fabric helps keeps you dry when you sweat. It can also aid in keeping you cool during the warm and humid summer months. 


Moisture-wicking fabric allows moisture to easily travel from your body to your clothes’ exterior. This can help your perspiration evaporate from your clothes and keep you dry. The secret? Capillary spaces featured within the material. Capillarity refers to a liquid’s ability to move through tiny spaces.


It keeps you cool: The most obvious benefit of moisture-wicking fabric is that it helps keeps you dry when you sweat. It can also aid in staying cool during the warm and humid summer months.

It’s breathable: Not only do the capillaries allow sweat to flow out, they also allow air to flow in. This adds to comfort and breathability.

If you would like to try Healing Hands HH Works you can pick up the phone & talk with one of our in-store experts today to help ensure the perfect fit!  Please Call to talk with one of our Scrub Identity stylist today! 317.863.8681