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Do My Women's Nurse Scrubs Fit Right?

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Women’s nurse scrubs are the uniform of highly trained professionals and as such, should look professional but that is not always the easiest thing to do with clothes that have a basic cut to them. We’ve put our brains together and come up with a few tips to get you looking like the professional you are.

Fit is always a concern when you are buying scrubs. You want to get a pair that is neither too big or too small of course, but that is easier said than done. Some of this is trial and error, you’ll have to discover which brand fits you best. Chat groups are helpful to find out what brands and sizes have worked with similar issues. Don’t be shy about asking co workers! If you are petite and you seem to swim in even extra small, but your petite coworker always looks great, ask him or her what brand and size they buy.

One way to resolve ill-fitting scrubs is to buy scrubs made of stretch material, then you can still go a little bit small without compromising comfort or appearance. Don’t however, try to pull of a stretch look if the material isn't will look unprofessional and may rip when you are helping a patient. Stretch material is great for those in roles that require them to lift and turn all day too, you’ll look great and your clothes will wear well.

Once you get to the point when you know what brand and size fits your body the best, the fun part comes and you get to think about color, patterns, pockets and all the other qualities.