Alegria Shoes

Combine Style and Comfort with Alegria Footwear

What do retailers, nurses, hair stylists, flight attendants, restaurateurs, educators, doctors, travel agents, and photographers have in common? They spend most of their workdays on their feet moving and shaking to get the job done. What else do they have in common? The need for comfortable and functional footwear so that at the end of a day they don’t regret the career choice that keeps them up and walking.

In the past, these professionals had to make the tough decision between bland and unattractive orthopedic shoes or unsupportive and uncomfortable fashion shoes. Options were limited, and there was not a good compromise between science and style. PG Lite recognized this struggle and created Alegria Shoes- shoes that address both the need to feel good and look good.


Our Shoes Are Engineered For Comfort

They started with what is most important--a patented footbed. The footbed is the secret sauce of the Alegria shoe. What you have is a patented combination of cork, soft polyurethane, and memory foam. Comfort from heel to toe with ample arch support to ensure that every time you slip on your Alegria Shoes, you will feel the customized fit in action.

Next, they developed the second most important factor--the outsole. The outsole of the shoe slopes slightly producing a naturally and anatomically correct walking motion and benefiting wearers by promoting better posture, reducing stress on leg and back muscles and reducing joint and metatarsal pressure.

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