About Us


girls.jpgMission Statement...

To provide a truly unique shopping experience to healthcare professionals where one-of-a-kind customer service is delivered in every customer interaction. 


Who We Are…

We are the owners… 2 young chickens and a mom. We have brought Scrub Identity into the world of Medical Scrubs and Uniforms.

It is our goal to offer you the most comprehensive line of Quality, Style and Color driven Medical and Nursing Scrubs.  

We believe that every person deserves their Own Identity, whether you incorporate color, team logo, pattern or line. Each element makes a unique statement and when strategically put together creates a signature that will not be forgotten!

And… that’s where we come in. It’s our goal to offer you the widest selection of super hip fashion for your closet.  We want to give your wardrobe the ‘Wow’ factor it deserves…. And of course we’d Love for you to turn some heads!

We encourage feedback.  Please let us know how we're doing! Email or Phone! We want YOU to be HAPPY… and we want YOU to Come Back and Spread the Word to your other peeps! Please email us at scrubs@scrubidentity.com or call us at 317.863.8681.

Additionally, we want you to find what you're looking for! If you don't see it, inquire, or, wait patiently until we read your mind!

Thanks for stopping in! Please check back frequently or join our mailing list to learn about new products, sales and exclusive offers!

Believing in yourself and following your dreams can take you anywhere! 


discover us About Scrub Identity 

Scrub Identity is an independent, family owned and operated Medical Uniform Boutique in Indianapolis Indiana.
The ultimate goal is to provide a truly unique shopping experiences to healthcare professionals where one-of-a kind customer service is delivered in every customer interaction. We consider ourselves a small town boutique with a big personality where customers are friends and friends are family where we can share the excitement of life together!

We get a lot of questions on 'How' we started. We started with a vision (Steve bringing the business background and Kari bringing the creative background)... It started in the Dining Room of their home in the fall of 2011. They designed a website and bought a box of scrubs to see what would happen...

June 2015, Scrub Identity opened its doors to the public... It was an extremely shaky experience as they both had minimal retail experience and weren't quite sure what 'retail' really was. As a result of their lack of retail knowledge, they realized the most important piece is customer service and the 'identity' of the healthcare professional as many are 'required' to wear a 'specific' color or style. Our 'tag line(s)' (create your identity in a world of medical uniforms... and wear scrubs? have an identity crisis? we can help!) hit home! The healthcare community is dynamic and deserve a unique shopping experience! The healthcare community works tirelessly to provide you with the best possible care... we have taken this into consideration and take this seriously as