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Best Stretch Scrubs

Posted by Becca Digney on

With working long hours and all the demands a job in the medical field requires, you want to make sure your scrubs move with you. In our specialty store we get the question all the time what is the best stretch scrub?  You want a scrub that moves with you and doesn’t feel like it is sticking or hugging your body too much. Making sure that you find the perfect middle between too tight and too lose, for the best fit scrub is key! The options are overwhelming  so we have narrowed it down to our top pick for scrubs with the best stretch.

DK135 Dickies Balance (Pant) & DK870 Dickies Balance (Top)

Dickies’ popularity extends far beyond the jobsite. The line between what’s being worn at work and in the street has become increasingly blurred.  Dickies has always been a go to brand for scrubs but they have truly captured what health care workers have been looking for in terms of style, comfort, & affordability with Dickies Balance. This line is full of amazing details from numerous pockets to great stretch.

The DK135 pant has a comfortable and functional mid-rise pull-on pant that features a straight leg, a rib knit waistband with encased elastic and inside drawstring for full waist support. This pant is meant to move with you, and all that you encounter in your work day which we know includes non-stop patient care!

The DK870 top is a stylish V-neck top featuring a rib knit neck, two front patch pockets, back rib knit panels for comfort and a slight bottom curved hem. One little detail we love is the bungee loop added at the right shoulder seam to hold your ID badge in the perfect position. And who wouldn’t want a place designated to holding your badge? With the Balance line the best stretch comes together with the perfect styling, it’s a win – win! 

Stop in our locally owned specialty store today to find the best selection of scrubs in Indianapolis or shop us on-line at! If you have questions on stretch scrubs pick up the phone & call one of our medical uniform experts who are available 7 days a week during our store hours 317-863-8681.

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