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Wide calf compression socks for nurses

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You want all the benefits of compression socks but as you know one size does not fit all! Nurses have petite & tall scrubs to fit different body types so what about compressions socks for larger calves? The answer is yes they exist, Sockwell has the Full Flattery line of compression socks made specifically for wider calves.

Sockwell Full Flattery wide calf compression socks are made from Merino wool. The natural properties of wool absorb and evaporate moisture, keeping your foot and shoe drier while maintaining a comfortable temperature in warm and cool conditions. The Full Flattery also feature graduated compression 15-20mmHg which helps promote circulation in your legs. In your leg veins, blood must flow upward to the heart. Graduated compression stockings apply a certain amount of pressure near your ankle and then apply gradually less and less pressure as they move up the leg.

The Sockwell Full Flattery wide calf compression stockings provide all the benefits you are looking for: they can help increase circulation leading to fewer varicose veins, help prevent swelling because they prevent blood from pooling below the ankle & the graduated compression also helps reduce fatigue.

Stop in our locally owned specialty store today to find the largest selection of Compression Socks in Indianapolis or shop us on-line at! If you have questions on compression socks pick up the phone & call one of our compression sock experts who are available 7 days a week during our store hours 317-863-8681.