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What is the best stethoscope for a nurse practitioner?

Posted by Courtney Forestal on

The best overall stethoscope for a nurse practitioner is a 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope.

The Classic III Stethoscope is ideal for overall monitoring health care due to its double-sided

chest piece for use in both adult and pediatric patients. It provides high acoustic sensitivity for

exceptional performance. The 3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope features:

  • Tunable diaphragm
  • Next generation tubing
  • Comfortable yet form fitting earpieces
  • Multiple color options

Littmann Classic III Stethoscopes, Indianapolis

The tunable diaphragm helps to hear different frequencies depending on the pressure applied by the nurse practitioner. Low pressure allows you to hear low frequencies and by adding more pressure you will hear higher frequencies. The pediatric side converts to an open bell, just by removing the single piece diagram and replacing with a non-chill rim. These features allow the patient provider to assist the patient in a timely manner while keeping the patient as comfortable as possible, and still hearing everything necessary to diagnose treatment.

Littmann Classic III is rated higher than other stethoscopes when it comes to ear pieces. The Littmann Classic III provides nurse practitioners ear pieces that snap-tight, fit comfortably, and allow for excellent sound frequency. Ear tips come in two sizes, large and small. For safety reasons the ear tips take a significant amount of effort to remove, but even after years of daily use it is still possible to replace the ear tips if needed. Just as you can replace your ear tips, although it's not highly recommended, you can also replace the tubing after years of use through Littman customer service.

Likely the tubing will not need to be replaced; now that Littmann Classic III comes with the next-generation tubing technology. The next-generation tubing gives longer life to the stethoscope with improved resistant to skin oils and alcohol. It is also more stain resistant to clothes and skin. For the health and safety of patients and patient care takers alike, the next- generation tubing does not contain natural rubber latex, or phthalate plasticizers.

The Littmann Classic III Stethoscope is perfect for everyday use. Whether you are a beginning your career in healthcare or you’re a long time veteran in the field, the Classic III will be a tremendous help in diagnosing your patients correctly. With its abundance of color options and finishes, this stethoscope is great investment that you won’t regret. Visit our store in person or online at to see for yourself why the Littmann Classic III is the best stethoscope for nurse practitioners and others in the medical field.

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