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Best Scrubs brand

Posted by Autumn Hopper on

With the endless scrub options out there today, figuring out which brands are the best can be difficult. Brands are constantly creating new collections, revamping old collections, and discontinuing collections you love. Whether you have worn scrubs before and are looking to freshen up your wardrobe or are new to all things scrubs, how do you decide where to start and which scrubs to buy?

When we first got into the business of scrubs, we too, were overwhelmed. But every day we learned more and more. We have seen scrub brands come and go. We have listened to our customers opinions and formed opinions of our own through them. Now you can benefit from our knowledge and let us educate you!

Cherokee Uniforms

Cherokee Uniforms is one of the largest manufacturers of scrubs. They have produced 8+ brands and 15+ collections. Their most popular collections include Cherokee Workwear, Cherokee Revolution, Cherokee Infinity, and Tooniforms. The different collections have different fits and are made with different materials, allowing for the diversity of customers’ needs. Cherokee is also the parent company of Dickies, a popular brand in the medical industry.

Healing Hands

Healing Hands is made of fabrics that provide ultimate comfort and long-lasting performance. In our experience this brand has had nothing but positive feedback. This is a top seller in our boutique, and we are constantly reordering. Healing Hands has three collections; Purple Label and HH360 for women and Blue Label for men. Both Purple Label and HH360 are fashion forward with stylish detailing and color block designs. Both collections also have multiple top and pant options to fit different shapes and sizes!

Barco Uniforms

Barco Uniforms is best known for their Grey’s Anatomy collection. Named after the popular television show, this collection has expanded into Grey’s Anatomy Active, Signature, and iMPACT. Barco Uniforms just introduced Skechers, their newest and most affordable collection. Barco Uniforms is diverse in fabrics, fit, and offers scrubs for both men and women.


Owned by White Swan Brands, Jockey is a well-known quality brand of scrubs. Their Comfort Guarantee allows customers to shop risk free and return any Jockey product with no time limit and free of charge. Jockey does not stray from their fabric, and most collections are made with their perfected Tri-Blend fabric. This means Jockey has mastered their multi-directional stretch and wrinkle-resistant fabric and they stick with it. Customers love their versatile collections. Many collections come with multiple top and pant options. This allows customers to mix-and-match for the perfect pair.

At Scrub Identity, we believe every person deserves their own identity, and work to serve doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, in our Indianapolis store and online, by offering unique style choices for scrubs, allowing our customers to make a “WOW” impression that will not soon be forgotten.