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​Can you wear compression socks at night?

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If you are someone that is frequently on their feet for hours at a time, compression socks are the socks for you! Compression socks are to be worn to help apply some additional pressure to your lower legs and ankles, which in turn will help promote blood flow in your lower body. They help to reduce swelling and venous pulling of the blood, and will also reduce any discomfort you may have been having in your lower legs.

Compression socks are great to wear during your long shift at work, or even when you’re out on a run or exercising. But a question that typically comes up is, “should I wear my compression socks at night?” And the answer is you can, if you feel like you need to. However, it is not needed to wear them overnight. What compression socks generally do is help promote blood flow when fighting gravity of being upright on your feet. When you are lying down, your body is in a neutral position, which is optimal for blood flow because it does not need to fight gravity. If you are wearing your compression socks at night, they will still help promote blood flow; however, they won’t be as efficient at doing so, just because your body is doing fine circulating the blood on its own while lying down. A great reason to be wearing compression socks at night is if you are recovering from a surgery. This is a great way to help promote recovery in a safe and effective way.  Another reason to be wearing them at night is if your doctor specifically prescribed you to.

If you are thinking about wearing your compression socks overnight, here are a few tips. Sleep in the lowest compression you have. Higher compressions are generally meant for when you are active on your feet. Although they will not hurt you, do beware of them possibly being too tight for sleep. Be sure to have multiple pairs. If you are planning on wearing your compression socks at night, you are going to want to make sure that they are clean and different from the ones you had on during the day. You generally want to switch out your compression socks every day to every other day. Not only is this important for your hygiene, it is also important for the wear life of your socks. Switching them out and washing them after every wear will help them last longer.

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