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Women’s Scrubs to Brighten Your Day

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When a nurse goes to work they know they will wear many hats during the day; they perform sensitive medical procedures, she/he acts as a therapist, a confessor and of course, a giver of care and comfort. Making others comfortable is easier if you are comfortable yourself and we carry WonderWink stretch men’s and women’s scrubs that make it easy for you to slip into your scrubs and have maximum comfort all day long. Here at Scrub Identity, we understand the physical demands of the job and our scrubs and will enable you to bend, stretch, and carry without your clothes being uncomfortable or your movement being limited. Staying clean is as important as staying comfortable. We also carry anti-microbial and fluid barrier pants and tops. There is no reason not to shine when protecting yourself so we carry several color choices in this product as well.

Express yourself! We have scrubs to fit every personality and every mood. Scrub Identity has a wide variety of brands, styles and of course patterns and prints. From Betty Boop to Superheroes we have scrubs for women to suit any taste. We also have NFL/MLB logo scrubs so you can so your team pride on and off season. Collegiate pride will not be outdone so we also carry major university logos on tops, pants and scrub hats. Wearing your favorite team logo will add to office morale as well as give you a jumping off point for conversation with many patients making them feel relaxed and making the day go by faster and more cheerfully.