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Scrub Options for a Dressy Look

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Do you work in a medical office where you are required to wear scrubs, but are not a doctor or nurse? Do you work in a dental office where you are required to wear a polo or dress shirt and want a comfortable pant to complete your office look? At Scrub Identity, we get frequent requests for more non-traditional scrub pants that looks like dress pants.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We have two of the most successful non-traditional scrub pant lines in our store and on our website.

First up, is the Infinity Pant by Cherokee. Style 1124 is the most popular style for the healthcare employee working the front office required to wear scrubs. The Infinity Pant gives you the fitted, dressy, flattering look- unlike the bulkier, more traditional scrub pant. The straight leg of the 1124 Infinity scrub pant is made of 95% polyester/5% spandex, therefore, you’re able to move freely without feeling constrained. The material also prevents most wrinkling, so you never have to worry about looking disheveled. The Infinity Pant by Cherokee has the duality of being a scrub pant that looks like a dress pant when work with dressy tops, and when paired with other items from the Infinity line has a more sporty feel.

1124 Infinity Scrub Pant by Cherokee

At Scrub Identity we carry another scrub pant that looks like dress pants- the Grey’s Anatomy 4276 from the Active Collection. The fabric is buttery soft and the vertical seam from the waist to the shoe is a slimming feature enhancing the tailored look, while keeping the fit loose. The Grey’s Anatomy is not as fitted at the Infinity pant, giving you more wide-leg dress pant look. The Grey’s Anatomy pant is still versatile and has the ability to be dressed-up or dressed-down depending on what top you match with it.

Everyone here at Scrub Identity is here to work with you to find the right style to let your personality shine through. Come into our store today to see all the styles and colors we have of scrub pants that look like dress pants, or visit our online store!

At Scrub Identity, we believe every person deserves their own identity, and work to serve doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, in our store and online, by offering unique style choices for scrubs, allowing our customers to make a “WOW” impression that will not soon be forgotten.